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    Use on Server


      Master Collection CS4 is installed on my PC. This machine is 32-bit and a P4 3.4 extreme. Some use is a bit slow. Particularly editing of AVCHD files in Premier Pro and some large file photoshop work. I would like to get that occasional heavier work off to be processed by our server.

      The server, runs dual Xeons and Ubuntu 64-bit server edition (Hardy.)

      I do have Windows Server STD 2008 but as everything else is OK hoped not to use it. I also have a laptop where another version of Master Collection could legally be installed but it isnt as powerful as my PC let alone the server.

      The question then is: Is there a way to palm off occasionally heavy duty processing tasks to another machine (the server in this case) while maintaining the one copy of Master Collection on my machine? (I am the only user and cannot afford 2 copies.)

      Alternatively, can I remove the installation from my machine and install and run everything from the server (Ubuntu 64-bit) but at my desk?


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          I have been reading bits and pieces in the knowledge base and upon the Ubuntu forum and have another few questions.

          It seems that Adobe Master Collection could be run on Ubuntu. That is by a type emulating application I think. Do any know whether the speed loss would make that worth the effort? what sort of percentage reduction could be expected?

          I see that MC CS4 will run on Windows Server 2003 64-bit. That would mean that it would definitely run on Windows Server 2008 64-bit I suppose, is that correct?

          The thinking is that if I had to I could remove Ubuntu from the server or dual boot windows with Ubuntu. (Not that I like the idea.) How, on a server does Adobe regulate use so that only the registered user (myself in this case) can use it? Perhaps it doesnt and you are expected to sit in front of the server if you install on a server OS, any thoughts?

          It would be terrific if someone out there is familiar with handling a single license with servers and can tip me onto the right track as I seriously need to get more speed than my PC can provide with primarily Premier Pro.