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    Student Vs. Education


      I want to buy the Education version of Production Premium (not the Student version, because I need it for commercial purposes), but I can't find anything about this in the Belgian store. I can only find the Student version there, but that's only good for non-commercial use.
      Can anyone provide me more information on how to obtain the Education version for Belgium?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Similarly, what all does commercial use entail?
          Can a student sell designs made on an academic version of Photoshop?
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            Same boat as me. I went with the full suite but now I am running into the upgrade block. As students we need not only to be able to sell some of our work to encourage us to continue our learning in the field, but also affordable upgrades. I shelled out a lot of hard earned money for the product, and I cannot justify paying half of that over again just to keep up with the interesting yet overall minimal changes between each revision. Good luck to you all. See my post Students Staying Current if you wish.
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              I have a problem in accessing the Student Order fulfillemt process to get my full licence serial number. The Customer support portal states there is a technical difficulty anf expects it to be solved soon. Anyone else finding this problem or know how to get around it?
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                Re the Customer support Portal message regarding unavailability. I forgot to note that this message has been in place for the last two weeks