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    PSE7//PRE7 D/L Liscensing Has Stopped Working

      I recently downloaded PSE7 and PRE7 for my home computer. Downloaded the files, unzipped, ran installation and it went smooth. Launched photoshop and played around a bit, closed it, launched elements, did the same. Next morning I woke up and tried to open them. Both of them said "Liscensing for this product has stopped working, if you downloaded the files, please re-download them and re-install" (Not exact transcript, I'm at work, but...that's the basic message). So I re downloaded and re installed (After an uninstall of both products and all their files, including the FLEX one) Still says the liscensing has stopped and to redownload.

      Any ideas?


      Forgot to mention, I bought both of them from the adobe store, so yes they are legit copies =p.