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    Moving CS3 to my Laptop and installing CS4 on my Desktop

      I'm currently running Design Premium CS3 on my desktop. I want to move this version to a laptop my sister is sending to me.

      I have a NEW full verison of Design Premium CS4 that I want to install on my desktop, where I do most of my development work.

      I'm looking for the best way to go about doing this.

      - Do I de-activate the CS3 version on my desktop first.
      - Then uninstall CS3 software from my desktop.
      - Then install the new version of CS4 on my desktop.
      - Then install the CS3 onto the laptop when I receive it in the mail?

      How do I get my serial number for CS3 from my desktop to my laptop?

      or is there some other way to do and what is it? Are there technotes or something that will give me steps and best practices for doing this and hopefully reduce/elimate any problems?

      Thanks in advance,