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    Web Premium 3 to Production Premium 4 upgrade?

    MultiMedia13 Level 1
      I have a question I hope someone can answer. I am thinking of upgrading from my Web Design Premium Cs3 to the Production Suite. I use Dreamweaver a lot but not for major website coding and such and I am quite comfy with CS3. So I would like to keep DW CS3 but I am using after effects more and more with animation projects and would like to upgrade from Web CS3 to Production CS4 to gain AE CS4.
      My main question is this: will I loose Dreamweaver CS3 and Acrobat if I do the Production update? I currently run a stand alone version of AE Ver. 7 Pro and acquired a new Macbook Pro that would run AE and Premier, Photoshop etc. I just don't want to loose Dreamweaver in the upgrade.
      Also, if I wanted to upgrade Acrobat in the future how would that work? Is Adobe forcing the upgrade to the Master Suite in my situation? Or can I upgrade individual components in the future?