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    Web deactivation please!

    (Tuttle5) Level 1
      It is more than clear that one of the major problems with the currently licensing system is that for one reason or another, people can not access Help->Deactivate. As such, Adobe customers should not be punished for the faults of Microsoft, Apple, their hard drive controller, or any other force beyond their control. Users should be able to log into their Adobe account and deactivate from there. Install the ability for web activation, and you would see a 90% cessation of traffic on this board, as well as a lot less frustration.

      Please consider it.
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          Yes, i agree Tuttle5. I am having the same problem. I changed OS so had to format so there is no way i can deactivate my old adobe installation.
          They seem to keep your serial key online why not activation as well, just seems more sensible.
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            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            If they implement it, what would stop people from installing the software, "deactivate" it online, not actually remove it, and then install it using the same method on multiple other computers?
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              I would imagine that when started, the Adobe product phones home (as it does already to check for updates) and verifies that it is still valid. There could be server side checks as well to see if a serial has be activated and deactivated an abnormal number of times.

              Is it foolproof, certainly not, but no licensing system really is. I just think this would be so much easier for the user.