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    How can I find my serial number for re-installing

    mgrist Level 1
      Okay so I had problems when I originally bought both Dreamweaver and InDesign CS2 with the upgrade numbers so I had to phone Customer Support and get them to give me numbers so I could activate the software. Now I will soon be faced with having to reinstall on both my PC and my laptop. I found out that I will have to uninstall all 4 instances in order to free up the licence. But it would be nice if I could find my serial numbers so that I don't have to go through four phone calls to customer support. Is this information accessible anywhere on my PC (running Windows XP)? Unfortunately I didn't think to write it down at the time.

      I do get so so daunted with reinstalling everything, or buying new computers. It's hard enough to do everything else without all of this extra fuss every time from Adobe. Setting up a computer takes me days and days, time which I need to do my REAL work. I feel that legitimate customers shouldn't have to go through all of this trouble. It makes one feel as if Adobe believes one is guilty unless proven innocent.

      If I could find my serial numbers it would save a heap of time and trouble, any possibility of help? please? thanks!