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    Post-announce upgrade issue or customer service meltdown?

      hey all,

      has anyone else had problems getting Adobe to honor their post-announce upgrades? I purchased 3 Creative Suite CS3 packages for work within a week of when CS4 was released and so was entitled to upgrades as per Adobe's policy. the upgrades are being handled by (what appears to be) an international outsourced office - so perhaps it is just a broken chain, but...

      (sorry for the long narrative. at least it is worth a laugh.)

      my initial contact in November suggested a smooth transition: an online support ticket followed in a few days by phone contact. that phone call took quite a bit of time reciting multiple serial numbers and addresses etc. but I figured it was worth it. the upgrades were "approved" and I was told to look for the package.

      after a month (now late January) - no software. I posted a query to the online ticket but this time no follow-up phone contact. finally after weeks I made a call and was asked to go thru the exact same routine I had done so a month earlier. again the request was eventually approved.

      again waited - no software. again (febuary) I wrote and then called. and again I was asked to go thru the same routine. but this time after all that... I was NOT approved. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold. after ten minutes on hold I was hung up on. at this point I was quite frustrated and left an angry note on the online ticket. no Adobe customer support followed up what was by now a serious complaint.

      today I get an e-mail saying the upgrade was approved (?). I was given a fedex tracking number. first thing I see is that it was not going to the adress on my company's invoice - it was going to an old address that hasn't been associated with my adobe account in months (and at which I haven't lived in two years.) I go to track the shippment hoping to divert it and discover it was shipped on January 6th. huh? and w/o any signature requirements!

      certainly the multi-thousand dollar upgrade shipment is lost. more perplexing is the fact that it was already shipped when I made my last phone contact and was made to go thru great hassle.

      so my question to the community is whether others are being denied the upgrade they were promised? or has adobe chosen such a shabby customer service outlet that we are being greatly disrespected by a company that so many of us have supported for well over a decade? I hope my experience was unique. to put this in perspective, of late I have had much better experience with microsoft customer service.