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    License Sharing -  Non-concurrently  - One License on Two Computers

      Here's my situation..

      I do some contracting work for an office on Capitol Hill. I have to work onsite due to security protocols, and because this office has limited resources, they have only been able to purchase two Adobe Web suites.

      They installed them on two computers that are used by staffers.

      The problem is that I have to schedule my time around whenever one of their staffers is not at their computer, so I could use their Dreamweaver and do the coding that they need done for them.

      My question is this...

      They have available intern computers that are not as used as frequently. Does Adobe licensing permit non-current use on their computers? That is, could I install a copy and use it on one of these computers without violating licensing agreements, so long as one of the staffers is not using the software when I am?

      Thank you in advance.