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    The application (all adobe applications) has unexpectedly quit

      Hello everyone,

      I have a problem with my Adobe Cs3 Design Premium package. I don't know if i have the correct forum section.

      I now managed to install this software correctly on mac osx but when i try to start one of the application they will all give me the very same error message!

      "The application (all adobe applications) has unexpectedly quit
      A crash report has been generated. To provide us with the best chance of fixing this problem, please select Continue to add a detailed description that includes the steps required to reproduce the crash."

      Adobe will use this crash report to help find a future solution to this problem.

      I had 512mb but upgraded it later to 2gb. Mac OSX is installed on a pc machine.

      Does anyone know this issue? and what can i do about it?

      I really appreciate any help,

      Jasper Bakkker