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    Cannot enter serial number

      Really need some help here - in serious trouble.

      We have a vista machine running at work, due to this the IT department will not allow it to be on the network (they will not give a reason why - just flat out refuse)

      They kindly installed Photoshop from a site license, but we now need to install illustrator. We have purchased illustrator, but when we intall it does not ask for the serial. When you then try and start the program you get a serial has expired error.

      I have tried uninstalling illustrator and re-installing but keep getting the same error.

      I don't want to have to use the clean utility as we will lose our photoshop version and IT will probably not want to re-install.

      Obviously there is an old serial number on the machine - is there any way to find the file and manually delete it so we can re-enter our new one?

      Really need help here fast :-(