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    Purchasing Corporate Edition - Is there a catch?

      I've seen several online classified ads for Adobe CS3 Master collection Corporate Edition. The people claim that they buy up the software from companies that are going out of business - so that's why their prices are "cheap". One particular ad says the CD is "New and Sealed." I would want to use the software on my personal computer, not for a business. Is there a catch to my purchasing this software since it is a "corporate edition"? Thanks!
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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          It sounds fishy, but who knows... I'm not familiar with the details of the volume license (I assume that's what you mean by "corporate edition") license agreement, but if it's similar to the retail versions then you must insist on a Transfer of Ownership through Adobe, or a certified reseller. That's the only way that the product could be legally sold to you.