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    CS4 Production Premium to CS4 Master collection side_upgrade possibe?

    (Captain_Cook) Level 1
      So I bought Creative Suite4 Production Premium few months ago from Adobe for $1100 (upgraded from PS CS1). Now I require Acrobat Pro and Indesign (maybe Dreamweaver as well). I have older Acrobat and Indesign licenses that are not eligible for upgrade anymore (Indesign 2, Acrobat 4). I have 3 options left by which I can have latest Indesign and Acrobat Pro-

      1) Buy new copies of Acrobat Pro($450) and Indesign($1700)= $2150
      2) Buy one of the Creative Suite® 4 Design Premium/standard suite ($1400-$1800) just to get Indesign and Acrobat. Would be a waste as I will end up with two copies of same softwares that I already have in CS4 Production Premium suite.

      3) If I could get a side grade from CS4 Production Premium to Master collection 4. Something along the line of adobe taking my Production premium license back and giving me Master collection license for $1400.
      $2500 (cost of master collection) Minus $1100 (what I paid for Production premium 4) = $1400 You think it is possible?

      I hope my post makes SOME sense :-)