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    Adobe Professional 8.0 Professional Activation Error

      I am trying to activate my Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional but it failed with an error code 159:41. I do have an internet connection on my desktop and I can browse all the sites.
      Please advise.
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            I had the same issue Adobe Error 159:41.

            We use the Microsoft Firewall client and were having problems activating the software. I would use the normal default activation option and no luck. I then tried manually entering the proxy info and still no luck. User has internet connection.

            We used the "manually configure proxy settings" option in the adobe activation and REMOVED the check boxes and left all boxes blank, it forced the software to use the firewall client connection and it instantly went through and activated.

            Hope this helps since I saw no other solutions. Contact me for further info
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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              Try adding *.adobe.com to the exceptions list of your firewall.
              If that doesn't work, you can always activate your product over the phone. It's a toll-free number.
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                Neither of the above options worked for me... and the toll free number in Netherlands is not working anymore!!
                Am still puzzled....!!!

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                  I've just had the same/similar problem with Acrobat 8 - Error 160:41 no internet conn activation eror. I been having no problems using A8 in previous versions of Windows but having "upgraded" to windows 10, Acrobat decided that it required reactivation. After some searching, and many and varied attempts, I found your method worked.

                  Many thanks

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                    Well not sure if this will work.  But I deleted the whole program and restarted my computer.

                    I turned off all virus protection and firewall and reinstalled the program. I then went to activate

                    it and it worked like a breeze.  I had set the virus protection and firewall so it will start when I restart

                    the computer.  I shut down and restarted and now it seems to work fine.  I must say that I have

                    to redo this every time the windows update happens so I now have update set to download but not

                    install the updates.  I install the updates manually once a week.  Hope this helps.

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                      normans54117716 Level 1

                      It looks like the standard Acrobat 8 servers have been "retired".


                      There appears to be a workaround.


                      Go to Adobe software and other downloads


                      Download Acrobat 8 from there.


                      Provide your old Acrobat 8 serial number and Adobe will provide you with a replacement number to match the version which you downloaded.


                      Use the new version.


                      Best wishes


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