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    License Server Console - How Do I Find It?

      I have downloaded and installed Adobe License Server Tools, but the only option I can start/see is the License Server Charging Utility.
      I used this utility to download my licenses and it shows available/overdraft. However, this information does not change even after successfully installing and downloading an e-license to a client.
      What have I missed?
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          Hi, SJW.Wilson.<br /><br />The License Server Charging Utility (LSCU) is one of the License Server Tools. The LSCU is used to move a batch of e-licenses from the Adobe server to your In-house License Server so that those e-licenses can then be served to your Acrobat 8 clients. The LSCU is a stand alone tool that you launch, use, then quit out of.<br /><br />If you want to monitor your e-license usage, you will need to use the License Server Console. The Adobe License Server (ALS) Console is a web-based application that IT administrators will use to access the Adobe License Servers deployed throughout their organization. Using the ALS Console, IT administrators can:<br /><br />* Track license status<br />* Run reports<br />* Configure automatic alarms<br />* Manage overall license and activation server preferences<br /><br />Since it is a web application, IT administrators will be able to access the ALS Console from any computer within their organizations network. To access the ALS Console, type the following URL:<br /><br />http://<full_computer_name>:<license server port>/agent.<br /><br />For example:<br />http://license.server.companyX.com:8888/agent<br /><br />The default port is 8888, but this can be changed.
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            Thank you for that.
            I have downloaded only two of our e-licenses to test before making the decision whether or not to disable ALM prior to rollout.
            I am in the License Server Console and I see my product, total and overdraft columns. I have already installed Acrobat 8 on a client and downloaded the e-license. (The Help, Licensing option on the client gives me the option to return the license, so presumably I am not on a temporary license).
            Why then do I not see which hosts the software is installed on? The total column shows (0/2) and the overdraft 0/1.
            Many thanks
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              Hi Sarah,

              I stated in a previous post:

              " Unfortunately, the Adobe License Server Console does *not* produce realtime results. You have to wait anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes in order for the license status to be reflected in the License Server Console (that is based off the vendor's technical documentation).

              If you want a realtime status, you could run the LSCU utility and click on the "Review" tab. That will display how much licenses you have available. "

              When the License Server Console does show 2/2, click on the "hosts" link to the right of Overdraft column - that will show hostname of the computer who obtained an e-License from your local license server.

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                Thank you. However, there isn't a Hosts links to the right of the Overdraft column.
                Also I assumed that the total of 0/2 implied that I had used zero licenses out of two available. This never changes regardless of how long I wait.
                Any help would be appreciated.
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                  The Hosts link won't show up until you obtain an e-license. Since you already have, it seems that the License Server Console is not refreshing. You should try to update the status - under the Adobe License Server Console main page, click on the "Admin" link on the top-right corner. Then click on the Adobe Licensing Service on the left bottom. Click on the update status button. Click on the Dashboard link and hopefully you will see the updated info.

                  Unfortunately, there have been reports out in the field that have experienced difficulty with viewing license information via the Adobe License Server Console. We are following up with Macrovision for a solution. In the interim, you can use the LSCU utility to get an accurate count of the amount of e-licenses you have currently available.

                  The Adobe License Server Console is separate from the actual License Server itself. It is not necessary to run the Console in order to properly vend out e-licenses.
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                    When I install the client, the xml file that I had earlier modified to point to my in-house server and placed in the correct install directory is not copied to C:\program files\adobe\acrobat 8.0\acrobat\alm_config_files. There is an xml file in this location but it is not the modified one.

                    However, an e-license is successfully downloaded on application start. It is not until I copy my modified xml file onto the client that the Console reflects the true license usage.

                    There are no other adobeconfig.xml files in the install directory.

                    Any ideas?
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                      If your modified xml file did not get copied to the alm_config_files, Acrobat will download a license from Adobe's server using the Serial Number Only hosting option.

                      Once you replace the xml file with your modified version, this tells Acrobat to get a license from your in house license server, so you will only see activity on the Console if your license setup file was copied to the proper location.
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                        You need to pre-populate the license and user info in order for the adobeconfig.xml file to overight the retail version. Ohterwise you will keep getting a retail version. Make sure you spell it correclty, but it is not case sensitive.
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