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    Manually Revoke License

      Does anyone know if there's a way to revoke a license downloaded by a host using the license console?


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          No, the Console does not have the capability of revoking a license that was downloaded to an end user's machine.
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            I must be missing something obvious...

            What's to stop a user who has an installation CD and a client XML file from installing on multiple PCs (maybe outside the organisation) and eating into the license pool?

            Seeing the machine name in the Adobe-hosted reports is useful, but only if it's one you recognise.
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              Your observation is correct; so serial number and the signed XML file are important assets that need to be safeguarded.

              It important to recognize that the goal for e-licensing is to help organizations manage their software assets by managing the 'right-to-use' electronically (that is, the license), as opposed to prevent/stop misuse of the software or just straight piracy.

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                Thanks for your reply.

                Maybe I'm looking at this from the wrong angle but I'm not sure what the difference is between managing the 'right-to-use' and preventing misuse or piracy...

                We're a University IT Service and departments purchase software licenses through us. For those PCs that we manage it's easy to repackage the application and deploy using group policies, which is all pretty secure.

                But for those machines we don't manage, I can't see how we can do anything other than supply the purchasing department with an installation CD and XML file. At that point the risk that the CD falls into the wrong hands is then largely out of our control as an IT Service, yet there's no way to for us to remove any unauthorised installations from our license pool.

                Should we just be forcing departments with PCs we don't look after to source the software themselves (and therefore choose their own method of license "management", so protecting our XML file) or can anyone recommended a way we could distribute the software more securely?
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