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    Silently Download e-Licenses through a Proxy?

      Regarding Acrobat 8 Standard:<br /><br />It appears that my workplace could silently download e-licenses using <LicenseDownloadOptions> in the config file... <br /><br />BUT...<br /><br />a) My config file doesn't *HAVE* a <LicenseDownloadOptions> section!  Can I just insert it? Where?<br /><br />AND...<br /><br />b) We have to go through our proxy server (which does require authentication) to get to the Internet.  The settings and credentials are stored by IE, but Acrobat's post-install e-license downloader trips over it and asks for credentials anyway.  Is there any way to accomplish a silent e-license download through this type of proxy server?<br /><br />Many thanks,<br /><br />Sheree