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    ALM Decision Question

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      Hi we are just going to version 8 and the ALM talk has come up.
      I noticed that when I log into the license site it gives a couple options.
      Mainly the Adobe managed or In-House managed, can anyone provide me with some basic info on the differences here?

      Also I notice it says changes are final, so how can I get the server software if I just want to test and see if the process works, do I have to convert some of our current serial number only ones over and then be stuck if we decide to go with a different method?

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          Hi, Dan.

          ALM offers five different hosting methods:

          (1) Serial Number Only
          This is the default method, and simplest, and therefore the recommended method. All you need for deployment is your installer and serial number. Then your Acrobat 8 installations will download an e-license from your pool of e-licenses hosted at Adobe. This requires your client machines to have internet access.

          (2) Opt Out
          Adobe also offers all customers the option to opt out of ALM. By opting out, you can disable electronic license management.

          The following three "advanced" methods require you to customize your installer:

          (3) Adobe-hosted: Gives you more control and visibility. You can customize various tags in your client setup file to control the level of messaging that your end users see, and you can control whether the machine name is transmitted during e-licensing transactions (downloads and returns). This custom method requires you to customize your installer so that the customer client setup file is properly deployed.

          (4) In-house: Gives you maximum control and visibility. You download your e-licenses to your in-house server (you provide the hardware, we provide the software) and they you serve them inside your firewall and on your LAN to client machines. This method requires you to customize your installer. It also requires you to deploy an in-house license server.

          (5) Mixed: This method is a combination of the Adobe-hosted and In-house methods, with some e-licenses hosted in each place.

          If you decide you want to change your hosting method, contact our Cutomer Service department and they will be able to make the change for you.


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