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    Corporate company

      Folks one thing I do not udnerstand with the ALM is whether this is site based or whether it cane controlled at a parent company level. For example we are an organisation with 200 sites and each time an individual site orders a Acrobat 8 license they are asked to install the ALM. However I do not want individual sites to choose this technology. I want it to be a company wide decision wth only ONE administrator monitoring the situation. Is this possible?
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          Hi, Sandra.

          One clarifying point: ALM is license management technology that is built into Acrobat 8 for Windows. Therefore, it is installed when you install the product. There is no need to install ALM, per se. However, each installation of Acrobat 8 will need to download an e-license from Adobe, or from an in-house server, depending on the e-license hosting method you choose. Or each installation will need to "opt out" of ALM, in which case it is no longer necessary to download an e-license.

          In a large and diffuse organization like yours, the simplest solutions are as follows:

          (1) Use the default "Serial Number Only" hosting method. This hosting method is set by default and doesn't require any special action on your part. Simply deploy using your installer and serial number and you are done. Each Acrobat 8 installation will then prompt the user to download an e-license, which should proceed just fine as long as those machines have internet connectivity.

          (2) Opt out of ALM. To opt out of ALM, simply call our Customer Service department and tell them you wish to opt out. They will provide you with a file and instructions for customizing your installer so that ALM is disabled.


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