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    Questions Before Moving To Volume Licensing/ALM

      My company is a small user of Adobe Acrobat Standard - we average about 30 purchases a year. Currently we purchase single retail licenses but they are getting to be a bit of a pain to track and recover broken licenses after system failures.

      We are thinking of moving over to Volume Licensing and using Adobe-Hosted ALM. I have a few questions:

      1 - Will we still get a serial number for each copy of Acrobat Standard purchased after moving to volume licensing, or will we get one serial number to cover the lot to allow remote deployment?

      2 - How easy is it to remotely deploy the application with instructions to point to the Adobe in house ALM to activate itself. Is it just a file to be configured?

      3 - Can we move our serial numbers from Acrobat Standard 8 purchased as a retail version into the ALM so they become part of our pool?

      4 Who can we contact to get some more information about this?