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    Network License management?

      We have acad running in a "managed" state on our network. we can install the application, (acad) on all of the workstations on our network, but the managment server only allows the purchased number to be open at once.
      Is there anything like this currently available for adobe products? We are looking to purchase about 25 licenses of CS3 design standard and I would like to manage them in the same method as our autodesk products.
      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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          If your organization is a CLP Education customer, your organization can purchase CS3 concurrent licenses to implement the floating licensing environment you describe (using tools such as the Sassafras KeyServer). Concurrent licenses generally include a pricing premium for the added flexibility.

          Concurrent licenses are not available for Adobe products for any other market segments or under the TLP or FLP licensing programs.

          Please check you situation and proceed based on the information provided here. For any additional licensing questions, please contact your volume license reseller or an Adobe License Center.

          For a list of resellers and Adobe License Centers, please see http://partners.adobe.com/resellerfinder/na/reseller.jsp
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            Thanks for the info! unfortunately, we are not a CLP customer.

            Is there any plans for this type of functionality to be available to other market segments in future versions?
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              Hi Juan,

              I've been searching for something like this for ages and at last I can find some light.

              My situation is the same we are an Architectural Firm which has 35 staff members. We don't want to purchase 30 CS3's since we won't be using it at the same time. But we are looking into getting 4-5 of CS3 in total.

              After reading the CLP's, FLP's and TLP's white papers on the web, I'm still not sure which group we fall under.

              My question is which ever group we fall under can we have a floating license for our office like Auto CAD
              (Therefore 35 staff members all sharing 5 floating licenses, if the 6th wants to use 1 of the programs from one of the CS3 they will have to wait for user 1-5 to log off)

              If 'YES' does Adobe provide the software or would I need to use a third party adobe approved software Eg: Key server ???

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                Watermark IT,

                We were in a very similar situation. The long and short of it is that, as a private company, you would fall into the TLP category. This means that you are NOT eligible for the concurrent use model, (simialar to ACAD's network licensing model).

                That type of thing, (which I find extremely disappointing), is only available to CLP customers. CLP customers are, for the most part, universitites and educational organizations.

                Adobe's attitude towards this is pretty much, one machine = 1 purchased license.

                As a "side note", when you purchase licenses under a TLP agreement, you get a different media kit than if you buy retail, (off the shelf). Each TLP agreement comes with 1 serial number. If you install using the TLP media, and the TLP serial number, there is no "activation" process. It is your responsibility to be manage your own licenses, (or number of machines that you have the application installed on).

                If you buy 5 licenses today, under a TLP agreement, you will get 1 serial number. If you get 5 more in the future, it will be under that same TLP agreement, and you will use the same media and serial number.