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    CS3 fails installation - ALM to blame?

      I've been having the same frustrating time other people have trying to install CS3.

      Checking the logs, everything goes fine till:

      (Adobe) Installing ALM...
      (Adobe) ALM return code: 129
      (Adobe) #_AdobeError_# 1603

      does anyone know that these error codes mean?

      I've tried installing CS3 several times now. I've uninstalled all previously installed adobe/macromedia programs including flash. I've used the CS3 cleanup script. I've copied th disc contents to the drive and tried running it from there, I've tried running a silent install.

      CS3 is a monster. for all of you out there having no problems I'm very happy - however I feel like banging my head against a wall right now.
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          I have been getting the same problem. I had to uninstalled the program and tried to reinstalled it and All but the shred componets and accrobat prof don't install, i check the logs and the only error number i get is 1603, the support says something about google desktop, so i unistalled everything google i had and it still doesn't work.
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            Hmm, same here. Had Google Desktop preinstalled when I got this Dell, but I removed it. Manually removed anything google Desktop from the registry, because the Adobe technote says 1603 is Google Desktop related:


            CS3 takes a damn long time to install/reinstall on Windows, and the install logs don't mean much to me. Nothing in the Windows logs.

            I did successfully install CS3 initially, but recently an error popped up on all but Fireworks which suggested I needed to reinstall to fix it. So I did, or rather tried. Uninstalled, I can't reinstall, except for Acrobat, which I can't use anyway as it requires I open one of the main apps to activate first.
            I do have Illustrator and Photoshop CS2, which I kept as a precaution, and just as well. I fear trying to remove them and not being able to reinstall them. That's the main point of this machine. This is a Vista machine, and I initially had trouble installing Illustrator CS2, until I learnt to right-click and use Run as Administrator, or Activation would fail.

            Underneath the 1603 errors and subsequent rollback, there's this:

            [ 5752] Fri Jul 27 22:35:10 2007 ERROR
            Skipping operation because required operation failed with code: 2

            The Adobe forum doesn't provide any info on this.