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    one more installation

      my employer recently bought CS3 web standard and it is installed on an imac in the office... we need to put a second installation on a different computer for someone else. do we only need to buy a second license, or do we actually need to buy another set of software?
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          The short answer to your question is yes. The end-user license agreement allows the owner of the license to make an installationn of the software on a secondary machine (such as a laptop or a home system), provided that is for the same user and not for simultaneous use.

          You mention that the software would be for someone else, therefore, a new license is required.

          You can read the detailed CS3 end-user license agreement here: http://www.adobe.com/products/eulas/pdfs/Gen_WWCombined-CS3-20060817_1651.pdf

          The same informationon is displayed before installing the software and is publicly available on the web.

          Thanks for asking!

          - JC
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            Machine with 2nd install of ID3 crashed and is not accessible to deactivate program. How can I activate program on new laptop? I had program on desktop and laptop. Laptop crashed and now I need to install program on new laptop.
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              Hi Mary,

              I'm assuming we're talking about a retail license of ID3, yes? If so, you should contact customer service and inform them of what happened. They should grant you an override activation in this instance.

              If you decide to wipe the machine that has the 2nd install of ID3 with a clean re-install of the OS and then decide to install ID3 on that machine again, you will not use up another activation count since you have already activated on that machine before and did not de-activate.