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    "The license agreement was not accepted"

      We just bought Autocad 2007 LT and I suspect the ALM in 8.1 standard is conflicting with Autodesk's. The error message comes up every time and then the application quits. I'm a complete novice at this and don't have time to search every forum question for clues. Any suggestions?
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          What application is giving you the "The License agreement was not accepted" error. AutoCAD? (I don't recognize the error, hence the question).

          Please describe the sequence of installation, what was working and what stopped working after you did what.

          This will help up isolate the problem.
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            I saved some pdfs sent to me, then attempted to open them, both from Outlook and also from another saved location. It doesn't seem to matter what I am doing on the computer. I am sometimes in Autocad, and sometimes just reading my mail (pdfs sent).

            The installation went smoothly, saving the installation program to the desktop. Then I initialized it and clicked on "repair", as I had already installed 8.1 when prompted by the update feature. It all seems to progress well until I have a pdf I need to open. Then I get the initial screen and immediately a blank white frame over top which never goes anywhere. I then close that and see the error message in a small frame.I have no option than to close the frame and everything terminates.
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              I have a new computer using XP for Students with plenty of RAM, etc.

              When I try to open up a .pdf file, the License Agreement pops up. When I click on Agree nothing happens.

              I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it many times, with reboots in between each operation.

              Thank you.
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                Update on my post:

                I did a maintenance check for errors on the main drive and lo and behold, I can now open pdfs. Perhaps you can try doing that and see what happens.

                You can check for errors on your drive by opening "My Computer", and then right click on the main drive (usually "C"). Then, click on "Properties" and choose the "Tools" tab. The first option on that page will be "Error Checking". When you click on that, it will tell you that it will check for errors on the drive the next time you reboot or start the computer again. On my computer, it takes about 20 minutes to go through my whole drive, check for errors and repair them. Yours may take a lot less time if you have little in the computer.

                I hope this will help you like it helped me, but I am certainly no expert. Good luck!

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                  Ive the same problem as Mike no problem with previous copies of adobe Have erased and rebooted 2 times and get to license and will not accept left with a number of documents that can not access.
                  Any answers
                  Stephen B
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                    I was having the same problem with Adobe 8.1.1 and getting the message that the license agreement was not accepted. I went to another adobe reader forum and found a solution that worked for me. I went to: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3bc424c7/. At "post #102 of 106 by Liam" I followed his instructions at the end of his post. He lists two files to run. I went to the site he posted, double-clicked on each file, ran each file, and then restarted my computer. Adobe Reader 8.1.1 now works with my Windows XP. I was elated to find a solution to a frustrating problem.