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    One Company, one PC and One Mac

      Hi there,

      I'm just enquiring in to the possibility of installing my Bosses CS3 Web Premium (brought for a PC) on to a Mac... I was hoping it would be possible to download the CS3 package (or get the actual box set sent out) and use his serial to activate the Mac trial version?

      He has activated it on two different PC's at the moment and so as I understand it there should be one activation left? Is there a way we can use this to activate a copy of CS3 on our Mac?

      We're only a small company, me and him, so any suggestions as to how we can get round this problem would be phenomenal...

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          Hi Mark,

          Sorry - unfortunately Adobe serial numbers for CS3 Web Premium are not cross-platform.

          And as the EULA points out, one serial number can be used on two machines - the spirit of this is to be able to install one at work and one at home. The EULA does not state the use of a given serial number beyond this.

          Thanks for your understanding,

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            Thanks Marcel,

            Are there any options available to us to get CS3 on to our new Mac besides buying a completely new program / license?

            Surely it's not uncommon for a design / web studio to have both Mac and PC's running and in turn needing to run design software across both platforms so I would hope there maybe some resolution available.

            Thanks for your help so far, it's much appreciated.
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              Hi Mark,

              That isn't my field of expertise - I would contact customer support and inform them of your situation. From what I know on my end though is that it may be difficult for them to allow this because they would have to issue you a new serial number (which usually means creating a new invoice). But it doesn't hurt to try.

              I've communicated your statement to other folks within the company and will be taken under consideration (especially in light of Mactel machines running both Windows and Mac OS X). Legal may be strict in its interpretation of the EULA however - Adobe only grants two activations per retail serial number as a "convenience" factor to the end user. In reality, it is only one license per OS.


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                Ok, No problem...

                Thanks very much for your prompt response, We'll get on to customer support and see what they say.

                Thanks again Marcel, much appreciated.

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                  I feel that currently no solution is available for this problem as
                  Adobe issues two separate versions for windows & Mac..