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    Can't run transition on movie

    Sekhar Ravinutala Level 1
      In Flash CS3/AS3, if I try to run a transition on a movie clip "PaneB" accompanied by a PaneB class definition, I get the following error:

      ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property __transitionManager not found on Site.Page.PaneB and there is no default value.

      However, if I don't associate a class with PaneB (leaving Flash to define a default one), I don't get the error. Any idea why?

      FYI, if I create a child clip (for PaneB) without a class attached, and then run transition on that child, things work OK. And, if I create a new movie clip at run time and add PaneB as its child and then run transiton on the parent, it also works fine. Meaning, there's something that the default class definition is doing that my class (that extends MovieClip) is not doing. Happens even if I don't define anything in the class!