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    Flex HTTP Request for Data


      I am writing a flash GUI that uses a python program to handle requests. In my python file, I parse the GET request that is sent by the flex GUI and I respond accordingly. The problem rises when the GUI asks for a query, and then appends /crossdomain.xml to the end of the query.

      I am aware of what the crossdomain.xml file is and what it does. In the case that flex just asks for that file, I send the xml file, and there is no error. So for the following query:
      Everything is smooth.

      However, as soon as my GUI asks for another item, again it asks for the crossdomain.xml file as well:
      Here the program is asking for serviceProviders to be set to true, but also the crossdomain.xml file is appended as part of the request.

      For some reason no matter, whether I send the file content first, and then the response to serviceProviders, or vice-versa, there is a security fault exception.

      I wanted to know, how is this handled in the case of a real server. If the server receives such a query, does it send the crossdomain.xml file contents first, then reply back to the query? Is the response structured in a different way? Are there two HTTP response headers sent back? Is there only one header sent back? Or is the content sent as an extra xml tag?

      Please let me know.

      Thank you,