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    Two projects in one zip?

      I am using Robohelp x5 generating Webhelp, Windows XP, and Winzip 11.2. I created a zip of the Webhelp folders/files for Project A, and then added the Webhelp folders/files for Project B. IOW, the zip file has the Webhelp folders/files from Project A and B. I then unzipped the zip file, just to see if all files I needed were included. When I clicked on <Project A DefaultTopc.htm> to open the help system, the <Project A DefaultTopc.htm> displays, but the <Project B ToC> is beside it. Putting the 2 projects in 1 zip file caused Project B to override Project A. I found that whichever Help project I added to the zip file LAST overrode the Help project that was added first.

      Can anyone explain this? Is this a RoboHelp issue or possibly a Zip issue?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi jaybird135 and welcome to the RH community.

          It sounds like you have zipped the OUTPUT from your webhelp projects. Am I right? If so, these files are very different to the SOURCE files. The output contains all manner of files (some with the same name regardless of the project) so it is best to keep the output separate.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Why? I regularly zip up both source and output. The structure takes keeps them apart.

            This sounds more like JayBird is selecting files in the right hand side of Explorer and zipping them, then doing the same with another project.

            The trick is to select a folder on the left in Explorer and zip that, then when you add the next project to the same zip file, make sure the two folders have different names, then WinZip should be OK.

            That said, I think it better to have one project, source and output, per zip file.

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              That's what I meant to say Peter. Mind you having spent two and a half hours driving home last night and two hours driving in this morning my mind isn't exactly focussed on work this morning Thanks for drying out the muddy waters of my mind.