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    XSL Variable problem

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      Not sure if I'm in the right place (I'm using DW if that helps!) here
      but here goes anyway!

      I want to sift through a list of properties for viewing dates showing
      available dates and non available dates.

      How do I go about going through the list to show only properties that
      are available on all dates and not any non available dates?

      property 1
      --date 1 ok
      --date 2 ok
      --date 3 not ok
      --date 4 ok

      property 2
      --date 1 ok
      --date 2 ok
      --date 3 ok

      So in this case I would only display property 2 and nothing of property

      Normally I would just loop through and set a variable - but this option
      doesn't appear to be available in xslt?

      Any ideas - TIA!!

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