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    opening FWCS3 file in FWCS4

      I've been designing a website using Fireworks CS3. After reading about all of the new features in CS4, I ordered it. It arrived yesterday. After I installed CS4, I opened the file I had been working on in FWCS3 in FWCS4. There was a message that said "This file contains text that was created in a previous version of Fireworks. This legacy text must be updated before you can edit it. Updating the text might change the appearance of your text." I clicked update and the file opened with the type in the default font and all of the formatting gone. In addition, the type looked degraded: really pixilated. When I reopened the file in FWCS$, it would not come into the foreground so I couldn't work on it. I quit the program and reopened the file and the type looks better. The app wasn't frozen when I tried to escape, just inaccessible. So far, I'm not happy about the upgrade.

      My question: Is this my inexperience with the Fireworks CS4 app, or is this version going to be a nightmare? And, of course, does anyone have suggestions? I can put CS4 on the shelf until I finish this project if it means having to remake all of the files.