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    FocusOut event problem : the focus come back after processing

      i have a strange behavior on one of my apps.
      I have a simple form with 4 fields (textinput). When the two first fields (txtEmboPaiementCodeBanque and txtEmboPaiementCodeGuichet on the following code) are filled, i need to call for a service that will get some informations back to me so i can display something to the user while he continue to fill the forms.
      On the first two fields, i add an eventListener on FocusOut :


      where rechercherBanque call the remoteObjectService and manage the callback function where i only set some informations with the result.
      Everything works fine except that for an unknown reason, the focus came back once my service has finished on the field i just quit! so it's a neverending succession of service call while i try to quit the field to continue to fill my form :b

      If anyone have an idea on what is happening, i'll be glad to hear it.

      Thanks a lot,