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    FB Profiler + Flash 10: broken?

    tconkling Level 1
      Since updating Flash to - the latest version right now - the Flex Builder profiler no longer works. I press the The SWF launches, but the profiler never connects to it. It doesn't even appear to be trying. Flash Player opens - I'm using the standalone player for testing, but this also fails when I launch the swf in a browser - and after a *very* long delay (I clocked it at a minute), the Player opens a window and begins playing the SWF. The Flex Builder profiler doesn't seem to be doing anything to try to connect to the SWF - at least, it's not providing any visual indication that it's doing so (the "Progress" tab in FB displays "No operations to display at this time.").

      The profiler worked fine for me when I was running Flash 9. I haven't seen any other issues with Flex Builder since upgrading to Flash 10. The debugger continues to work fine.

      Has anyone else seen this behavior? It's pretty crappy, especially since I *just* paid to upgrade to from Standard to Professional Edition, solely for the profiler.

      I'm using:
      - an Intel Mac
      - Flash Player Debug
      - Flex Builder 3.0.1 Professional