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    LMS-Scorm template What to use in fscommand in fla?

      Please help! I have search and read and nothing has seemed to answer this question. I have created a complete/incomplete module (no score needed...just show completed when user finishes) and published it with Flash w/Scorm 1.2 tracking template. The movie plays in the LMS but I still need something for my FLA that will show it as complete in the last frame. Here what the scorm template shows...

      // Change g_bSetCompletedAutomatically to true if you want the status to
      // be set to completed automatically when calling LMSFinish. Normally,
      // this flag remains false if the Flash movie itself sets status
      // to completed by sending a FSCommand to set status to "completed",
      // "passed" or "failed" (both of which imply "completed")
      var g_bSetCompletedAutomatically = false;

      I need to know the script to set the status to "complete" using an FSCommand in my FLA. I'm not an AS guru (surprised, huh?) so need the format in plain language. Maybe this is so simple I can't see it? I don't have direct contact with the LMS and just forward files so I don't know anything about it (Pathlore). I know there are newer things in 8 but just need this to work. HELP!