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    Director MX, problems with register

      I an older version of the Director MX (year 2002) at my computer installed. Around those to

      accomplish to be able the serial number is necessary with the v.9 (MX), otherwise nothing at all

      does not go. The installation procedure is smoothly gone, thus the serial number is o.k. of

      problems has I with the registration. I get a message “That serial NUMBERs is invalid. Please try

      again”. This license is not installed and also ever not regiestriert ever, why I do not come through

      with Adobe? Is that perhaps like that that the older versions are no longer registerable? If it

      should be like that, can I update this version sometime? Does a registration of an older version a

      Einflus on the Updatesvotgang have? There does someone know an answer to my questions?

      For a feedback I would be very grateful….
      Thanks romes