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    Kuler Contrast?

      Is there a way to find a swatch sets contrasting colors, and if not can it be added.

      I usually use two sets of colors one for highlights and one for lowlights etc.
      I was just wondering if I choose a set is there a quick way to go from say
      blues to reds?

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          PMM Adobe Employee

          Currently, there isn't a simple way to do this on the Kuler website, but if you have Adobe Illustrator CS3/4, you could follow these steps:

          1. Take your theme, and pull it into Illustrator CS3/4 using the Kuler Panel (you'll need to save it publicly)

          2. Add this theme to the Illustrator swatches Panel

          3. Double-click on the group folder icon in Illustrator swatches panel (this will open up Live Color dialog)

          4. Make sure sliders are in HSB mode. Base color should be selected, and colors are linked (i.e. Link icon)

          a. Add 180 degrees to Hue (H) value

          This should produce the exact color complement to the existing theme. You can now save as new color group (folder+ icon), or override existing group in Illustrator swatches panel.

          5. To upload back to Kuler, select the group in the swatches panel, and go to Kuler panel to click on Upload button

          Hope that helps.


          The Kuler Team