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    Image handling when Importing WinHelp Project to RH7 HTML

    Philip Tory Level 1
      The original WinHelp project had user-friendly filenames such as "3D_dimension_settings.gif", "Display_commands.gif", and so on.

      When I import the WinHelp project into RoboHelp 7 HTML, the original GIF image files are renamed to the format "ebx_1255664134.gif", which is not helpful. (When there is a software update that affects a certain dialogue, I can find the relevant screenshot by its filename, which makes the update process easier.) RH also re-processes the images from their original, crisp appearance, deteriorating the quality by using 'error diffusion' instead of 'nearest colour'.

      So, how can I import a WinHelp project without changing the original images and image filenames?