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    Using Kuler on an image within PS CS4?

      I have Air, Switchboard and Kuler working, with the Kuler panel insde PS Cs4, BUT... how can I load an image into CS4 and then have Kuler directly grab color themes from it? I cannot find anyway to do this directly - instead I have to upload the image to the Kuler webservice.

      Is there a way?
        • 1. Using Kuler on an image within PS CS4?
          PMM Adobe Employee
          Hi Joe,

          Thanks for reaching out to us, and for using Kuler. Currently, there isn't a way to load your image directly from PS CS4 or Kuler Desktop into the Kuler panel or the Kuler website. You can load the image today by: (1) uploading the image from your computer to the Kuler website or (2) storing the image in Flickr and then accessing the image in your Flickr account directly from the Kuler website.

          It's a good idea for a possible additional feature though and something we'll consider for future updates. Question for you - Would your preference be to have Kuler extract the colors from the image directly in the PS Kuler panel or do you prefer if it sent you to the website?

          Best regards,

          The Kuler Team