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    Tell Command deprecated??

    Opera Rat Level 1
      I was reading a post on Forgeting MIAW and someone wrote the tell command was deprecated. If this is so then how would you have a MIAW tell the stage movie to, hmmm, let's say, go to frame 24. I would use:

      tell window("stage")
      go to frame 24
      end tell

      or to run a command (say, fly) from the stage

      tell window("stage")
      end tell

      I have never seen anything but tell to tell the stage what to do? What am I missing?
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          And what exactly does "deprecated" mean?
          I hope that this isn'r a stupid question
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            Hi Mirianam,

            here's a definition of deprecated:

            If something is marked as deprecated, it would be wise to not use it
            anymore and learn the new way (which is usually there) to reach the same
            All in the evolution of the language concerned.


            mirianam wrote:
            > And what exactly does "deprecated" mean?
            > I hope that this isn'r a stupid question
            > Thanks
            > mm

            Manno Bult
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              Instead of tell, there is a new dot syntax-style way of doing it.

              Let's say there is a movie script in the main stage cast that has the
              following handler, and you want to have a MIAW tell the stage to use it.

              global gVariable
              on setVariable vValue

              Old way:

              tell (the stage) to setVariable("1")

              new way:


              If you want a script on the stage to, for instance, send a command to a
              MIAW that is open, you can use this syntax

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                mirianam Level 1
                Thanks Manno,
                I did look it up in the dictionary but din't really make sense - your link to the definition explains it.
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                  Opera Rat Level 1
                  I'll have to try this. How would I have the stage movie tell the MIAW to go to a specific marker?

                  window("stage").movie.marker("specificMarker") ??

                  And where can I get more info on this and perhaps other deprecated commands?
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                    You'd still just use the go command off the movie object:


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                      There are 2 ways (well, more than that really, but 2 that I recommend).

                      1) This is how to directly access the "go" method.

                      window("stage").movie.go("New Marker")

                      2) This method involves setting up a generic interface for communication
                      between the MIAW and the stage. In the main movie, make a movie handler
                      like this:

                      on doCommand vCommand
                      do vCommand

                      From the MIAW, you can now use this statement to tell the stage to do

                      window("stage").movie.doCommand("some command goes here")

                      Instead of "some command goes here" you would use any lingo one line
                      command, like

                      window("stage").movie.doCommand("go 1")

                      That would send the main movie to go to frame 1. If you want to go to a
                      frame that is named, you have to use some contortions to include the
                      quotation mark like this:

                      window("stage").movie.doCommand("some command goes here")

                      One caviat of this method is that it uses the "do" command which is
                      among the slowest ways of getting anything done in Director. If you are
                      only telling it something once, like in these examples, you won't notice
                      a difference. But if you have it doing something on every frame (on
                      exitFrame for instance), it can really slow down your program.

                      If you want to find places to research any Lingo commands (don't bother
                      looking up deprecated ones... they are the ones that you should NOT be
                      using anymore), I would recommend www.mediamacros.com or
                      www.director-online.com. Director Online has a great wiki where you can
                      find lots of interesting info about most of the commands as well as
                      quite a few tricks that some of the advanced folks have published to the