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    Rotation Problem... I need it to stay positive!!

      Hello everyone. I think what I have on my hands is a little trigonometry problem but I'm not sure because I never listened in math class.

      Here is the file I am referencing: http://pixel8media.com/help/index.html
      I'm trying to make the yellow arrow rotate from it's current position to the top position. Right now what I have going on is when the yellow arrow button is clicked it sets a variable to the rotation position that i want it to go to... that is the 330 number you see when the button is clicked. The other number shows the rotation of the arrows. The problem is that the rotation variable goes from 0-179 and then suddenly switches to a negative number and goes from -179 through -1 and this is throwing off the script that is rotating the arrows. Ahhhh!!!! hard to explain sorry. Here is a link to download the fla files: http://pixel8media.com/help/Archive.zip

      Can someone please help?

      Thanks in advance for your time