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    Lost topic  in Projects pane


      Can anyone help with this problem? A topic I created a few days ago does not show up in the Project pane. It can be opened from the Table of Contents, and can be found in the compiled chm file, and opened from the Index All Topics view, but not from its designated folder. When I open the project folder in Explorer, the topic can be seen under its folder. Rebuilding the project from the hhp file does not fix the problem.


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          Try re-importing the file.
          Project Files -> Import

          I've had a similar issue and finally had to manually delete the file from the current location on the hard drive, then close out of RH, then re-open RH and import the backed-up file. If you do this and receive an error that a file was improperly deleted from RH, then close out of RH and use your windows explorer to replace the file. It should resolve the disappearing topic issue.