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    Publish a 3d scenes as web pages

      Hello guys

      Is there any source code available, or could someone be kind enough to advice me how to publish my 3d game levels (they are exported from 3DS MAX as W3D) into my web page as shockwave page(s).

      By default they are like just "look around" page(s) when I try to publish them.
      The only thing I would like to have is to be able to move forward with left mouse button down, and backward with the right one, end then "look around" with the mouse, so I think it's not too complicate to do the scripts in Director.

      I must say I'm a bit lazy to learn how to do it myself, because I'm confused enough with 3D modeling software(s) and programming, so sorry to ask this here

      also I did put this question by mistake into Basics area, try to remove it from there...

      Thanks if someone helps me a bit/