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    Skinning TextArea

      I'm trying to make a scrollable text area, and it needs to look exactly like the Java equivalent (don't ask...). One method I'm looking at is taking screenshots of the Java version and using the images to make a skin. I've figured out how to skin a button, so I could make my own TextArea from scratch and make my own scrollbar with it's own buttons, etc...

      But it would be much easier if I could just extend TextArea and manually override the images used for the arrow buttons, and the slider, etc... Is this possible? I can't seem to find the names of said objects in the API (i.e. if I extended TextArea, could I refer specifically to the down-arrow button? And would it be an object of type button?)
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          You can use TextArea's "verticalScrollBarStyleName" to control the look of its scrollbar:

          thumbSkin:some other skin...