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    Image uploader help

      I have used a tutorial and made a simple flash file uploader, but there is no mention of the server side scripting you need in that tutorial. I want to make a flash .jpg file uploader, to my freewensb site. I am using AS2. For a start, I just want to have an upload button, you select your file from your computer, click upload, and preferably have it show a little status bar, and when it uploads, rename its filename to upload1, 2, 3 etc, e.g http://mysite.webs.com/upload1.jpg and so on. I would preferably like to do this with HTML/javascript, but if it can only be done with PHP, I will also need a good free webhost that allows php. I also need the AS2 code, I have the basic code (attached) From the tutorial, but I don't think this is enough for what I want to do. Thanks if anyone can help, you will be credited. And I am not going to put this online, its just for my dad so he can upload files to a website, I have another flash slideshow viewer which just loads the images ( http://www.mysite.webs.com/upload1.jpg) and shows them in a slideshow, but they still find it too hard to upload the images, so I just want to know how to make a simple file uploader. Here is the .swf so far. (sorry, theres no preloader as it is designed for desktop use)