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    Accessible PDF Form

      I trying to create an Accessible form using Adobe 7

      Everything looks fine except it always gives me an arror about Languange and Tab Order.

      any ideas?
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          IS this Acrobat Professional 7.0, right? Where are the errors coming from?

          You should use the features found in Advanced > Accessibility menu:
          Quick Check
          Full Check
          Add Tags

          They will help create tags, tab order and generate accessibility report to help analyze/fix problems. The Acrobat Help guide also has more information on these tools.
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            I am using Adobe Designer 7 to create form. There is no option to set language. I can not change any metadata in Adobe Professional 7 because it says that this form was created from form desiner and I should use form designer to fix the errors.
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              Can you post the accessibility error(s) you are receiving in Designer 7.0?

              RE: Language, do you have "Default locale" set for Form Properties (Defaults), or are setting Locale for each field object?

              RE: Tab Order, accessible forms require a tabbing order. One of the final tasks you should do when creating a form is set the tabbing order (see "Setting the tabbing order" topic in Designer help).
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                I have created a form using Designer 7 and then saved it as PDF.
                I am using Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 to check accessibility. After full Check I get following errors.

                + All of the text in this document lacks a language specification.
                + All of the pages in this document have a tab order that may be inconsistent with the structure Order.

                I have checked tab order in Desgner and its fine. I have Default locale for form.