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    Im Lost and Confused

      Hello from sunny Bali I am very new to making web-sites, and not very technical so all answers in simple terms please
      I have almost completed our site now but have one issue I can't get round and don't Understand. I have put a table (2 rows) inside the content bit on the Spry Accordion thingy, The first row has the spry "horezontal menu" thingy, the second row has some text and a small picture.

      I have 5 panels in the accordion, each panel with a 2 row table inserted. The problem is, that in Explorer the accordion panels don't collaps beyond the "spr horezonral menu" which in turn hides the "Tab" undernieth.

      This is confusing me because in the Firefox browers it works perfectly, with all of the panels collapsing and expanding normally, and it looks and works great, exactly what I had in mind.

      There must be something I have to do to make it work in Explorer, but I cant find what it is (or maybe it wont work in explorer in which case I will have to rethink the page design.

      Thanks in eager anticipation