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    resource bundle "rft_flexautomation" for locale "en_US


      I have installed Flex Builder 3 and Rational Functional Tester 8.0.0 for automation of flex application.
      So i have executed following steps:-
      1. Start Flex Builder.
      2. Create a new Flex project.
      3. Select the Flex project in the navigator.
      4. Click Select Project > Properties > Flex Compiler.
      5. Enter the code shown in Listing 1 in the "Additional compiler arguments" field.

      Listing 1. Code for additional compiler arguments
      -Include-libraries "<flex builder install dir>\Flex SDK 2
      \frameworks\libs\automation.swc" "<flex builder install dir\Flex SDK 2
      \frameworks\libs\automation_agent.swc" "<flex builder install dir>\Flex SDK 2
      \frameworks\libs\automation_charts.swc" "<functional tester dir>
      \Functional Tester\bin\rft.swc"

      6. Click OK to save your changes.
      7. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box.
      8. Compile your Flex sample application.

      I am getting following error :- Unable to resolve resource bundle "rft_flexautomation" for locale "en_US"

      Please help me out to resolve this error