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        I created forms in Pro 7 LiveCycle with email submit buttons but since i cannot activate it I had to move to Standard X.  this has been bothering me for days as i have multiple forms that each go to a different distribution list.  The only way i could get the email button to work distributing them w/ Standard X was to go to Edit, Preferences and change the settings for Identity; changing the subject line and e-mail each time i distributed a different form.

        • 41. Re: "submit by e-mail" does not work properly

          Answer is below.. here is the copy and paste to make your life easier!!!


          I had the similar issues with Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8 so I found the following and problem gone.....


          1. Modify the underlying XML for the "Email Submit":  In LiveCycle designer with the form displayed, select the "Email Submit" button on your form.  Use the "View > XML Source" menu item to display the XML source code for the form.  The first line  of the "Field" tag for this button should be selected and visible in the window.  If you look down the XML tags inside the field you'll see an "event" tag that contains a "submit" action tag.  This is what needs to be modified.  Everything about the submit is controlled from here.  To change the submission format, change the "format" property to "PDF", so the "submit" tag should now look like this:

            <submit format="pdf" textEncoding="UTF-8" target="mailto:">
          2. Use a regular form button:   Place a regular form button on your form .  Look on the Object Window for the button.  On the Field tag, towards the bottom will be a set of "Control Type" radio buttons.  Select the "submit" option.  There should now be a "submit" tab in the Object window.  Switch to the tab and on the "Submit As" pulldown select PDF.
          3. Use a JavaScript: This is the most flexible method.  With a script you can dynamically control every aspect of the data submission.  See these articles at the Acrobat Users web site.




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