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    How to create F3 project with fixed size.

      Hello, I would like to know if there were any tutorials out there or info on creating a Flex AS3 Project with a specific size of the swf.

      I want to create a "widget" thats around 600px wide and between 300-500px in height depending on how that scales.

      I would also like to know if there was anyway to have the swf still have full screen capabilities. For instance you view smaller details but when u click the fullscreen you can open up the canvas and show larger higher resolution objects so to speak.

      The main reason im asking forum is because I would like to know if that idea is realistic in the sense that I have a dynamic swf file loading lofs of different elements, but the actual canvas being a fit dimension to fit inside of the website I am going to use it for.

      I would really appreciate it if you guys could point me to any links or tutorials.

      Right now I am using flashdevelop to edit my files. It gives me those options but when I go home I have problems creating a project with a small size for reasons i cant even figure out.

      Thanks in advance and I hope I didnt make anyone angry with my rant.