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    Can't see remote and local files in Files Window

      I have a client I'm supposed to train on basic Dreamweaver functionality, but I can't get him to see the Files Window the same way I have it. We're both running Dreamweaver CS4 for the Mac, but when I launch a site, I see the Remote Site in a left panel and the Local Site on the right. My client only sees either Remote or Local, depending upon what he selects. Neither of us can figure out how to get both the remote and local file hierarchy to open side by side.

      In addition, my Files Window opens on its own. With his, it's a tabbed grouping along with Properties and Assets. Could that have something to do with it? I'm sure this is just a matter of a single click to make it work right, but it's insane that it's so hard to find.
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          Klytus Level 1
          So no one has any idea how to resolve this issue? Is it really that hard to get Remote and Local severs sitting side by side in the Files Window?
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            If I understand your problem, in CS4 you do click on Windows > Files and you see the little narrow window come up with your local files there. At the top, where the little icons are, the far right one that looks like a little box with an arrow pointing out, click on that and it will bring up the view you're looking for, with remote files on the left, and local files on the right.

            Also, I just spent an hour figuring out that in order to CONNECT to the remote server, you need to use the Remote View in the drop-down menu, not the Local or other ones listed there. Click on that before you hit the box with arrow.

            Hope it helps..