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    Zend Studio for Eclipse and Flex - Impossible?

    xamzmith Level 1
      I've been going in circles all day trying to get the Flex plug-in to work in the Eclipse installation that installs with Zend Studio for Eclipse.

      The offshore dork for Zend said, "No now for plug-in for Studio." So I guess that means I have to install Eclipse with Zend Studio for Eclipse and then the Flex plug-in. But it appears the Flex plug-in is baffled by the Eclipse 3.4 version that installs with Zend Studio for Eclipse.

      Many errors about please choose the correct folder etc. The installation of the Flex 3.0 plug-in can be completed but fails when trying to edit an mxml file with, "Could not open the editor: Assertion failed."

      There is a Flex updater to 3.0.1 which claims to support Eclipse 3.4 but not for the plug-in as far as I could tell.
      Attempting to use the Flex 3.0.1 updater on the Flex 3.0 plug-in installation in the Zend Studio for Eclipse directory completely befuddles the installer.

      Can anyone point me in some new directions for a solution?
      Does Adobe have phone support any longer?

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